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COVID-19 Resources for
Indigenous Community of Hamilton

PCR test
Senior Caregiver


For COVID-19 health information:
COVID hotline: 905-974-9848

COVID-19 Vaccines
Phone: 905-974-9848, option 7

For questions about isolation:

Ministry COVID-19 Testing and Isolation Information Line

Phone: 1-888-777-0730

For Quarantine compliance issues:
Public Health Agency of Canada
Phone: 1-833-784-4397
For general inquiries

Please note that all relevant information has been updated from resources found on the City of Hamilton website for coronavirus. For more information, please visit


Website Disclaimer

The website of the Coalition of Hamilton Indigenous Leadership (CHIL) is providing all relevant information according to website of the City of Hamilton and guidance from Hamilton's Public Health. CHIL is making every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information for the safety of our Indigenous community. However, as information about COVID-19 can rapidly change along with the recommended safety measures, CHIL cannot guarantee that all information is completely accurate and up to date. All content is subject to change without notice.


CHIL will not be responsible or liable to any person or business for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or based on any use of this website and its information, or any other website this website has linked. This website is not intended to provide individual specific advice, including medical or legal advice. Any questions regarding your particular circumstances should be directed to your own health professional.

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