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Upcoming Indigenous Events in Hamilton

The Coalition of Hamilton Indigenous Leadership (formerly the HEDAC) is a collaborative of Indigenous organizational leaders responding to the needs of the Indigenous community of Hamilton.  CHIL staff and member agencies work to improve resources for the urban Indigenous community of Hamilton and advance Indigenous voices across the city. 


CHIL member agencies include the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre (HRIC), Niagara Peninsula Area
Aboriginal Management Board (NPAAMB), Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services Inc. (OAHS), Sacajawea Non-Profit Housing, Native Women's Centre, and De Dwa Da Dehs Nye^s Aboriginal Health Centre.

On March 11th 2022, CHIL launched the Indigenous Community Visioning in-person during the Hamilton Regional Indian Centre’s “Elders & Youth” Social.  The development of an Indigenous community vision for Hamilton comes from our ongoing conversations with Indigenous community members, Indigenous agencies, and Indigenous leaders to ensure Hamilton remains a place where Indigenous community members can thrive.

Indigenous Community Vision

No upcoming events at the moment
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